Praise from Garden Centers

Garden Sales is a family owned business. We are beginning our 60th year in business, so we have a good idea on plant quality. Buds and Blossoms hanging plants and planters are top of the line. If you would like to call me at my business, feel free. 860-649-9406. Also, they are great people to do business with... After all it’s a family business...
— Bill from Garden Sales
Everything that comes from their greenhouses is beautiful and lush, full of color and quality material! Always a pleasure to work with their friendly staff!
— Carrie from Young's Nursery, Wilton, CT
My Bobbi’s Bloomers story is pretty unique. My daughter was a senior at Mercy High School. This would be the last time I would have an opportunity to attend the Mother’s Day daughter brunch and plant sale. I nervously took a weekend day off in May and went with my daughter. Now we are all used to school plant sales... white pots filled with skimpy inexpensive annuals etc... Well as I sat in Mercy’s auditorium trying to concentrate on what Sister Mary was saying, I was going nuts!! Surrounding her were some of the most beautiful unique, healthy, full hanging baskets that I had ever seen! As the crowd headed to brunch I was scrambling to locate where these gorgeous plants came from....That was 6 years ago! Bobbi’s Bloomers are now a favorite here with our staff and our customers!!!
— Diane from Mackey's, Willamantic, CT