Bobbi of "Bobbi's Bloomers" fame

Bobbi of "Bobbi's Bloomers" fame

Buds & Blossoms is a family run greenhouse business based out of Middletown, CT. 

We sell to independent garden centers and local non-profit plant sales, and have products for early spring and spring seasons.  Our hanging containers and planters are sold under the brand Bobbi's Bloomers™ and have been well received.

We grow a wide range of complimentary material.  At Buds & Blossoms, you are sure to find things that other people don't have.

We love what we do and enjoy seeing the result of hard work, an artistic eye, and a green thumb.  Give us a call, and get to know our family!

Our Promise

Buds & Blossoms stands by the following:

  • Combinations are unique and artistic - they don't come from recipes found in a book or magazine
  • We use quality plant material - plants are chosen not just for colors and foliage, but also overall performance in a container
  • Care is easy - Combinations are designed for easy care, both while at the Garden Center, and at the customer's home
  • Original tags included - Tags are designed to help with identification, and answer simple questions that customers may have which frees up your staff's time
  • Bloomers are retail ready - When they are sent to you, they are in full color and are ready to be sold
  • We understand the retail Garden Center environment - We began as a retail greenhouse business and have our roots in that tradition, which gives us a unique insight into what customers are looking for and how your business works
George tending the plants in early February

George tending the plants in early February

Matt - The founder of Buds & Blossoms

Matt - The founder of Buds & Blossoms

Our Story

Buds & Blossoms started in 1992 when Matt Eddinger took on a greenhouse as a Vocational Agriculture project at the age of 15.  From these humble beginnings we have grown and gained notoriety for mixed hanging containers and planters, and unique plant selections.

Much more than a "project" now, Matt opened the greenhouse up to his brothers and parents to help Buds & Blossoms grow.  We grow hundreds of varieties of plants and have customers throughout the Northeast.